On mobile phone

4gOne of the newer ways to access the global network of the mobile phone and not only. By connecting your phone to a PC, GSM device can be used only as receiver / transmitter signal. And now there are specialized PCMCI cards which are intended only for use in mobile computers to access the Internet through a network of mobile operators.

Standard and Dobelle known CSD and GPRS access methods are too slow to work with multimedia content. CSD provides up to 9600 kilobits transfer speed and GPRS to achieve between 20-40 kilobits according to the GPRS modem / phone set and maintained by the network operator. In other words, speeds that compete with Dial-up access, which we used pretty hard a few years ago due to lack of alternatives.

Recently already available and faster technologies for Internet access over the mobile network, but their distribution globally is still very large, and even coverage for Bulgaria is not yet complete. EDGE technology already has a coverage of about half the country’s territory, it provides download speeds of data to about 240 kilobits per second. Followed by the third generation mobile networks and WCDMA, which is still only available in some of the larger cities and provides speeds of up to 384 kilobits. And finally remains HSDPA network with speeds up to 1.8 megabits towing and data coverage mainly in Sofia.

Access to the Internet through a network of mobile phone operators is very convenient as it allows for quick and easy use of the services of the global network from anywhere with coverage. And at least as regards the coverage of CSD and GPRS, so it has a very good almost the whole country. Faster service with less coverage and even to offer higher speeds getting it to them speed of sending requests to the Internet is considerably weaker.

The main disadvantage of this type of access is the price, and not so much the price of mobile phone or dedicated modem access, and prices for access itself. Unfortunately in our country yet these services are paid to traffic megabyte used, regardless of the type of service access (be it slow or high speed CSD HSDPA). And because of the high cost of each megabit traffic most users of this type of access is generally limited to the use of simple text-based services that do not generate much traffic especially. Examples include the use of the mail client, ICQ and other instant messenger.